The Splatoon® Replica Font

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Splatoon is a colorful, original, and excellent game, no doubt. But what is this font that the game uses?

Upon closer investigation, it turns out that this font is a specimen like none other.

So I have gathered screenshots of the game and created a font that mimics the mysterious typeface, using Inkscape to trace the screenshots and FontForge to assemble it into a usable font.

Such was born Project Paintball, a free Splatoon font clone.

Project Paintball has been expanded to cover numerous languages not supported by Splatoon. Cyrillic was added from the ground up.


  • Loyal copy of Splatoon's in-game font*
  • Full support up to Latin Extended A
  • Dollar sign $, cent sign ¢, euro sign , yen sign ¥, pound sign £
  • The following dingbats: ` † ‡ ¼ ½ ¾ µ
  • Even expanded to Russian (Cyrillic alphabet)!
  • Arrows →↻
*This font is neither guaranteed nor implied to be an exact 1:1 copy of Splatoon's in-game font, just a very close approximation.
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